• Nano - New material

    Have steady and even colors; Suit for wax setting not change color; Heat resistance.


    Various shape and sizes can customized.  


  • Synthetic Ruby, Sapphire and Spinel, they hardness is more stronger then cubic zirconia. It means

    the production process requirements is higher. We have special workshop to research and produce 

    it. We can satisfy your needs, such as colors, quality, special cutting etc.  


    The size from 1.00mm to 30.0mm can as per your demand shape & cutting produce for you.



            Material: Silver  

            Main stone: Synthetic Sapphire

            Side stone: Cubic zirconia (GOLD STAR, GOLD STONE all OK)


  • Lead-free Glass is the popular rough in the market. 

    Each type of gems has a corresponding glass imitation, even the color of glass will be more abundant.


    We have our special technic to avoid bubles and wave inside.    

  • Nano Gemstone
  • Corundum / Spinel
  • Glass
  • Nano Emerald - Very Dark
    Nano Emerald - Dark
    Nano Emerald - Medium
    Nano Emerald - Light
    Nano Opal Honey - Medium
    Nano Sapphire - Dark
    Nano Sapphire - Medium
    Nano Opal Yellow-Whtie - Light
    Nano Opal Sky Blue - Dark
    Nano Opal Sky Blue - Medium
    Nano Spinel Blue - Dark
    Nano Opal Honey - Dark
    Nano Topaz Swiss Blue - Dark
    Nano Opal Blue Spinel
    Nano Opal Blue Sapphire - Dark
    Nano Opal Blue - Light
    Nano Opal Pink - Light
    Nano Opal Beige-Gream - Light
    Nano Topaz Sky Blue - Medium
    Nano Topaz Swiss Blue - Medium
    Nano Turquoise - Medium
    Nano Grey(Night Blue) - Very Dark
    Nano Grey(Night Blue) - Dark
    Nano Garnet Orange Red - Dark
    Nano Citrine - Medium
    Nano Citrine - Light
    Nano Citrine - Dark
    Nano Chalchdony Aque Blue - Dark
    Nano Chalchdony Aque Blue - Medium
    Nano Topaz Sky Blue - Light
  • Syn. Sapphire 34# 35#
    Syn. Purple Ruby
    Syn. Orange Ruby
    Syn. Ruby1.5# 2#
    Syn. Ruby 3#
    Syn. Ruby 5# 8#
    Syn. Spinel 152#
    Syn. Spinel 149#
    Syn. Spinel 120#
    Syn. Spinel 119#
    Syn. Spinel 113#
    Syn. Spinel 106#
    Syn. Spinel 104#
  • Lanthanon Glass - Garnet
    Lanthanon Glass - B2

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