• Normally Diamond & Brilliant cut stones are can't fully meet the needs of diversification market.

    The normal shape with special cutting and technic will be have an unexpected effect.


    Whether you are Jewellery factory or Design Company, we are your the best partner. 






  • Cubic Zircon - diamond special substitutes.  Without any Inclusion and Blemish (FI) clarity with perfect cutting,

    excellent polishing and precise size. Can't equate diamond with the price, it can have diamond highest-level stone effect.


    After years of painstaking research, our own brand products is born -


    Quality:  From commerial to High-grade quality.   

    Size:      From 0.7mm - 100.00mm, even above 100.00mm;

    Shape:  Special shape, size all can customized.


    Special technic will be control the colors beautiful, even and steady.

  • Special color stones also can call it expensive stones, Color is beautiful but uneven and instability of his features.

    The special colors can add more inspiration for your new design, and to get more customers favour.

    We are world famous rough companies wholesaler in China, can fully meet your demand.


    Different colors have different meaning, we are sure there'll have a color you like.



  • Innovation is the life of the product. Normally products, you can search for in every company.

    But fully to meet designer's demand to design new products, it's mostly important and it's

    our advantange.


    Give me your PHOTO, DRAWING, or MOUDLE, we can give you the satisfied stones to suit for the jewelry.  

  • Popular Stones
  • Normal color
  • Special Color
  • Customized Stones
  • 9 Hearts & 1 Flower
    16 Hearts & 16 Arrows
    10 Hearts & 10 Arrows
    8 Hearts & 8 Arrows
  • White CZ Round
    Pink CZ Marquise
    Yellow CZ Heart
    Olive CZ Pear
    Orange CZ Rectangle
    Garnet CZ Square
    Champagne CZ Square
    Amethyst CZ Triangle
    Black CZ Trapezoid
    Lavender CZ Oval
    Peridot CZ Square
    Purple CZ Round
    White Milky CZ
    Lavender Milky CZ
  • Dark Swiss Blue CZ
    Dark Green CZ
    Smoky CZ
    Rose Tourmaline CZ
    Tanzania CZ
    Brown CZ
    Emerald CZ
    Aqua Blue CZ
    Blue CZ
  • 1 step - Confirm if can cut the shape

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